Reconstructing the “Self” and Speaking for a Collective Voice in Twist’s “Disintegrate/Dissociate”

Arielle Twist is a Two-Spirit, trans femme Indigenous writer based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her 2019 debut poetry collection “Disintegrate/Dissociate” combines soft vulnerability with uncut rage to navigate what it means to reconstruct one’s identity and to exist as a Brown Indigenous trans woman living in a colonized society.

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@ArielleTwist. “Trans indigenous kids seeing an indigenous trans woman that looks like them, sounds like them, and has experiences like them, being recognized and held by their community is creating hope that I didn’t have coming into this industry and for that I am grateful. “ Twitter, 22 June 2020.
@ArielleTwist. “Do you ever just cry and then are like “I can fucking do this” and then do the thing better than you ever thought you could?”. Twitter, 13 July 2020.
@arielletwist “Trans Day of Visibility 2020. Trans Day of visibility is important for many reasons. Being seen accessing joy is a rebellious act as a trans femmes, accessing love and admiration publicly is radical as a trans femme and being able to share these stories and experiences are vital for the survival of trans femmes. Just remember that with visibility comes violence, often towards black, indigenous and trans women of colour, so hold those women and femmes close to your heart. Send them money and medicine and always make sure they feel loved and not just seen.” Instagram, 31 March 2020.



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